28.3 Visiting Political Candidates and Elected Officials

(President 5/17/21)
  1. Political candidates, elected officials, and their campaign staff are welcome on the University of Iowa campus, subject to University policies regarding such visits.
    1. A "political candidate" is any person seeking or being considered for an elected office at the local, state, or federal level.
    2. An "elected official" is any person who holds elected office at the local, state, or federal level.
    3. A "campaign staff member" is any person who is employed by, or volunteers for, or any person who serves as a surrogate for a political candidate or elected official (as defined above).
  2. Candidate and campaign activities, political events, and rallies (“events”) in person/or virtual that occur on the University of Iowa campus, including the health sciences campus and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC), must be sponsored by a University of Iowa registered student organization.

    Information on registered student organizations, including contact names and phone numbers, is available from the Office of the Dean of Students, or by accessing the registered student organization database.
  3. University of Iowa departments and units are not allowed to sponsor political candidates or elected officials. Learn more about political activities in the classroom at https://provost.uiowa.edu/guidelines-regarding-political-activity-faculty-university-iowa.
  4. To begin the sponsorship process of political candidates or elected officials, contact or visit Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) Event Services,  159 IMU, 319-335-3114, or the Office of the Dean of Students, 135 IMU, 319-335-1162. The Office of Governmental Relations (319-335-0553) is also available to answer questions.
  5. For the complete current policy on political candidates and elected officials on the UI campus, see https://dos.uiowa.edu/policies/political-candidates.