40.1 Bicycle Operation Regulations

(Amended 8/8/18)
  1. Definitions. For the purpose of these regulations the following definitions will be used.
    1. “Bicycle” means any vehicle having two or three wheels and fully operable pedals and which is a traditional bicycle designed solely to be pedaled by the rider. An electric/battery-powered bicycle designed not only to be pedaled by the rider but also to be propelled by an electric motor of less than 750 watts (one horsepower) may be treated as a bicycle and may be parked at bicycle racks. 
    2. "Pedestrian areas" or "slow zones" include any walkway, sidewalk, crosswalk, plaza, patio, play court, parking facility, loading zone, and any other University facility that is intended primarily or partially for use by pedestrians. In pedestrian areas, individuals traveling on foot or in a wheelchair always have the right of way.
    3. "Reckless operation" of a bicycle is defined as operating a bicycle in such a manner as to indicate either a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.
  2. Operation of bicycles on public streets. Bicycles operated on public streets are governed by the same regulations as motor vehicles and by the Iowa City ordinances regarding the operation of bicycles.
  3. Operation of bicycles in pedestrian areas (slow zones).
    1. When bicyclists are within five bicycle lengths of other individuals who are in a wheelchair, walking, bicycling, skating, or skateboarding, they must slow their speed to match the general pace of the pedestrian flow.
    2. Bicyclists must always maintain a minimum of one bicycle length separation from other individuals in a pedestrian area. If operators are unable to maintain a one bicycle length separation, they should proceed no faster than at the pace of a slow walk, or dismount and walk until a legal pass is possible.
    3. When passing, bicyclists should notify others on which side they intend to proceed.
    4. Bicyclists are responsible for the safe operation of their bicycle at all times. Any "reckless operation" of the bicycle is not permitted.
  4. Operation of bicycles In all other areas.
    1. Bicycles are prohibited from being ridden within University buildings.
    2. Bicycles are prohibited from being ridden on non-paved areas such as grass and planting beds, unless otherwise designated as a bicycle trail.