26.4 Service Requirements

  1. General requirements. All alcoholic beverage service must follow the requirements outlined below:
    1. All service will be within the limits established within the university’s alcoholic beverages license.
    2. All service must follow the parameters outlined in this policy related to specific functions.
    3. All alcoholic beverage service will be supplied by University Catering, a department within University Housing & Dining, for all on-campus events. Exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Student Life, and licensed external vendors must complete appropriate administrative processes defined in this policy. The Division of Student Life carries the liquor license for the University of Iowa.
    4. The dispensing and control of alcoholic beverages are the responsibility of University Catering for all on-campus and most off-campus events. University Catering is not allowed to offer cash bars off campus per State of Iowa requirements.
    5. All alcoholic beverage service at off-campus venues or events must be provided by licensed external vendors if University Catering is not available to provide the service. Licensed external vendors must complete appropriate administrative processes as defined by the Office of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention and University Purchasing. The necessary dramshop insurance must be obtained, and the University of Iowa must be listed as an additional insured. Only approved and licensed external vendors are allowed to offer a hosted bar in a campus facility and must comply with State of Iowa requirements.
    6. University Catering reserves the right to limit the total attendance in a room and the quantity of alcoholic beverage to be provided (based on attendance estimates, event duration, and monitored behavior of those in attendance).
    7. On- or off-campus events with alcoholic liquor or spirits service are closed to the public and must be by invitation only.
    8. Only beer and wine service may be served at events open to the campus community or public.
    9. On-campus alcoholic beverage service is limited to designated facilities. Automatic approval may be granted based on the event host, scope of the program, and following consultation with University Catering. Automatically approved on-campus facilities include:
      1. Athletics Hall of Fame;
      2. Bob Pearl Field;
      3. Carver-Hawkeye Arena;
      4. Duane Banks Field;
      5. Finkbine Golf Course and Clubhouse;
      6. Hancher Auditorium;
      7. Iowa Memorial Union;
      8. Kinnick Stadium, including Paul W. Brechler Press Box and Hawkeye Village, on home football game days;
      9. Levitt Center for University Advancement;
      10. Pentacrest Museums;
      11. President’s Residence;
      12. Stanley Museum of Art;
      13. University Libraries;
      14. University Theatres;
      15. Locations in academic buildings identified by each collegiate dean.
        1. Two selected and approved locations in academic buildings must be:
          1. Approved by the Executive Vice President and Provost or designee and the Vice President for Student Life or designee;
          2. Updated biennially and remain on file with University Catering as automatically approved locations.
        2. Additional spaces in academic buildings may be allowed for single events at the approval of the Vice President for Student Life or designee.
        3. Outdoor terraces, patios, pavilions, or porches may be selected as automatically approved locations.
        4. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may select four automatically approved locations, given the number of academic buildings in which the college functions.
      16. Additional campus locations may be used for single events with the approval of the Vice President for Student Life or designee.
    10. Alcoholic beverage service may not occur on campus before 9:00 AM.
    11. Alcoholic beverage service is available daily (including Sundays).
    12. Alcoholic beverage service will end one-half hour prior to the end of an event. If an event is 90 minutes or less, this is not required.
    13. All alcoholic beverage service at a public event on or off campus must:
      1. Be sponsored by an academic college, department, unit, office, program, recognized UI affiliate, or registered student organization;
      2. Offer beer and wine service only;
      3. Be restricted to events where food and drink are a social amenity to the program. The amount required to be ordered will be established by University Catering; 
      4. Monitor and deposit sales to a University Catering account within University Housing & Dining;
      5. Monitor and control event entry as appropriate to event type;
      6. State-issued identification will be required for entry to establish proof of age. Consumption of beer or wine may be restricted to designated areas;
      7. Appropriately restrict alcoholic beverage service. Event tickets do not entitle the holder to unlimited service;
    14. Event hosts are required to pay all costs associated with event security to establish safeguards and to ensure alcoholic beverages are not sold to or obtained by individuals under the age of 21.
    15. Food must be ordered for all events and must be a reasonable amount, as determined by University Catering, for the planned event.
  2. Service requirements for academic buildings, colleges, and functions.
    1. Alcoholic beverage service is not allowed in general assignment classrooms as defined by the Office of the Registrar.
    2. Alcoholic beverage service in academic buildings will not be permitted in connection with events open to all students.
    3. Alcoholic beverage service may occur in locations designated for academic functions hosted by the dean or department chair. These must be nonstudent-focused events or development activities in partnership with the UI Center for Advancement. Locations must be designated by each collegiate dean. Events must:
      1. Receive approval from the dean of the academic college or designee, if not a designated automatically approved location per V-26.4a(9)(o) above. 
      2. Receive approval from the Vice President for Student Life or designee, if not a designated automatically approved location per V-26.4(A)(9)(o) above.
      3. Restrict all alcoholic beverages to the approved or designated location. The following must occur:
        1. Access control must be enforced, and selected entrances and exits must be monitored.
        2. A guest list of invited or RSVP’d guests must be maintained and guests must be verified upon event entry.
        3. Stanchions may be required to create an event perimeter if one does not exist.
        4. Hired ushers or event staff may be required. The sponsoring college, department, unit, office, or program is responsible for all costs related to safeguarding and staffing the event.
      4. Not be associated with a public lecture, program, or event open to all students. Events where students comprise more than 25 percent of attendees should not be held in academic building spaces. Preferred locations include:
        1. Hancher Auditorium;
        2. Iowa Memorial Union;
        3. Levitt Center for University Advancement.
      5. Be serviced by University Catering or an approved external licensed vendor if University Catering is not available to provide the service. University Catering holds right of first refusal privileges.
      6. Have a guest list.
      7. Provide nonalcoholic beverage options.
      8. Include food appropriate to the type and length of program. The amount required to be ordered will be established by University Catering.
      9. Allow only beer and wine service.
      10. Be a hosted bar or nonhosted bar.
      11. Be indoors or on an outdoor terrace, patio, pavilion, or porch, attached to or part of an academic building. Outdoor events in an area adjacent to an academic building will not be approved. These outdoor areas restricted from alcoholic beverage service include, but are not limited to:
        1. Outdoor tents on green spaces, campus lawns, or parking lots.
        2. Green spaces or campus lawns immediately near or adjacent to the building.
        3. UI parking lots immediately near or adjacent to the academic building.
  3. Service requirements for registered student organizations.
    1. Registered student organizations must follow all policies related to alcoholic beverage service as outlined in the Policies and Regulations Affecting Students.
    2. Consideration will be given to organization classification during the approval process for registered student organizations. These classifications are:
      1. Undergraduate: Student organizations whose membership is composed primarily of undergraduate students who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to sponsor events with alcoholic beverage service on or off campus. Student organizations whose membership is composed of primarily undergraduate students who are over the age of 21 may be eligible to request alcoholic beverage service as an amenity to a program held on campus. Off-campus service is not approved.
      2. Graduate and professional: Student organizations whose membership is composed of graduate or professional students over the age of 21 may request alcoholic beverage service as an amenity to a program held on or off campus if all the appropriate policies are adhered to.
      3. Greek-letter chapters: Student organizations affiliated with the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, or Multicultural Greek Council must abide by the events policy established by their respective student governance organization.
  4. Service requirements for Intercollegiate Athletics. Alcoholic beverage service at Intercollegiate Athletics facilities and events must comply with the processes in this policy and adhere to the following:
    1. A valid ID is required for every sale.
    2. Limit two drinks per transaction.
    3. No sales or service to anyone believed to be or who is visibly intoxicated.
    4. No sales immediately adjacent to the UI student sections.
    5. Guests who violate this policy may be ejected and risk arrest and loss of ticket privileges.
    6. Sales will start when the gates or doors open.
    7. Sales will end at publicized times established by Intercollegiate Athletics.
  5. Service requirements for University of Iowa Health Care. Alcoholic beverage service is not allowed on the UI Health Care campus, except in areas approved by the Dean of the Carver College of Medicine for functions in academic buildings. Any additional exception must comply with the processes in this policy and receive approval from the Vice President for Medical Affairs and the Vice President for Student Life.
  6. Prohibited locations. Alcoholic beverage service is not allowed in the following locations:
    1. Pentacrest;
    2.  Kautz Plaza;
    3. T. Anne Cleary Walkway;
    4. Gibson Square;
    5. Former Seashore Hall green space;
    6. Hancher green space; and
    7. North Library Plaza.