V-11.22 Items That May Not Be Purchased

(Amended 9/98; 6/04; 7/1/06; 7/15/22)

Effective July 15, 2022, this policy has been revised. For the most current version without redlining, return to V-11.22.

  1. Alcoholic Beverages — see V-11.25 below.
  2. Personal items such as desk pen sets, etc., except where necessary by reason of public use.
  3. Luxury items — items in which a more elaborate design or appointment has no practical advantage over a less elaborate and more economical item.
  4. Printing-related equipment that unnecessarily duplicates or replaces services provided by university service units. The Printing Department Manager, who shall conduct a need determination and, if necessary, develop equipment specifications on which prospective vendors may base quotations, must approve requests for purchase. Printing-related equipment includes presses, photocopiers, typesetting devices, photomechanical transfer machines, and other graphic arts equipment in use by university service departments, or that performs a service or creates a product already provided on the campus.
  5. Motor vehicles, except replacements or those specifically approved by the Business Manager. Motor vehicles — all new and used vehicle purchases must be requested through Fleet Services; see V-19.1.a.
  6. Entertainment — see V-11.25 below.
  7. Personalized items of printing such as letterheads, note pads, memorandum sheets, etc. However, university business cards may be purchased from the university's Printing Department upon requisition by which the ordering department signifies approval of personalized cards for persons whose duties require them to represent the university in business and professional matters.
  8. Printing and printing-related work, including photocopying. See VI-21 Printing Department.

For more information on items that may not be purchased on purchase order or procurement card, see the Purchasing Policies and Procedures Guide.