2.10 Scope of Policy: On Campus and Off Campus


This policy covers both on-campus and off-campus conduct, as described below.

  1. On-campus violations. This policy forbids acts of sexual misconduct anywhere on campus. "Campus" includes University-owned or -leased property, streets, and pathways contiguous to University property, or in the immediate vicinity of campus. It also includes the property, facilities, and leased premises of organizations affiliated with the University, including University housing and University-recognized housing. University housing includes all types of University residence housing, such as halls and apartments. University-recognized housing includes fraternity and sorority chapter dwellings.
  2. Off-campus violations. Off-campus violations, including online behavior, that affect a clear and distinct interest of the University are subject to disciplinary sanctions. For example, sexual misconduct by a student is within the University's interests when the behavior:
    1. involves conduct directed at a University student or other member of the University community;
    2. occurs at a University-sponsored activity, sporting event, or educational activity (e.g., residency, internship, service-learning experience, field trip), or at a student organization-sponsored activity;
    3. occurs while the accused or complainant was acting in an official capacity for the University;
    4. constitutes a violation of federal, state, or local law or ordinance;
    5. violates University rule or policy; or
    6. demonstrates a threat to campus safety and security. Violations of this policy involving violent conduct, alcohol, or drugs, occurring in Johnson County, Iowa, are presumed to affect a clear and distinct interest of the University.