2.7 Resources and Support for the Accused


Assistance for students accused of sexual misconduct or other unwelcome sexual behavior, dating/domestic violence, and/or stalking:

  1. Due process. The University will treat accused students with fairness and respect in accordance with the principles of due process. 
A student who is accused of sexual misconduct may be assisted by an attorney or other advisor of his or her choosing. A student who is accused of sexual misconduct should consider seeking the assistance of a private attorney.
  2. The Office of the Ombudsperson can confidentially assist with understanding University policies and the Student Misconduct Procedure, listen to concerns, help identify options, and refer to other resources as needed. See https://uiowa.edu/ombuds/, or contact 319-335-3608 or ombudsperson@uiowa.edu.
  3. University Counseling Service can confidentially assist in dealing with stress related to the complaint and work to develop strategies for healthy coping. See https://counseling.uiowa.edu, or contact 319-335-7294 or ucs@uiowa.edu.
  4. The Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator can assist you with understanding University policies and the Student Misconduct Procedure. See https://osmrc.uiowa.edu, or contact 319-335-6200 or osmrc@uiowa.edu.
  5. University prohibition against knowingly false complaints. The University prohibits students from knowingly making false complaints of sexual misconduct (including sexual assault and sexual harassment). Knowingly making false complaints of sexual misconduct constitutes a violation of the Code of Student Life and will result in disciplinary action. However, a complaint made in good faith is not considered false merely because the evidence does not ultimately support the allegation of sexual misconduct.