31.2 Requests for Review

Requests for review shall be in writing and shall state the specific reasons therefor. Requests shall be submitted to the chief executive officer of the institution concerned who will forward the request, with his or her comments, to the Executive Secretary of the Board. Requests for review of a final adjudicatory order must be submitted to the chief executive officer of the institution within ten days after the staff member receives notice of the order. Requests for review of a rule-making decision may be submitted at any time after all institutional remedies have been exhausted. Supporting documents may be submitted with the request. The Executive Secretary shall docket the request for consideration by the Board as soon as practicable.

The Board may, in its discretion, grant or deny the request for review; provided, however, that on appeal from an order dismissing a faculty member with tenure, or terminating during its term the appointment of a faculty member without tenure, the Board shall grant the request for review. If the Board grants the request to review the order or decision on the merits, it will then determine whether or not to hold a hearing, as hereinafter provided, and otherwise specify the procedure to be followed. If the Board denies the request, its decision is final. (The staff member may thereafter seek judicial review as permitted by law.)

The Executive Secretary shall promptly notify the staff member and the chief executive officer of the institution by letter of the Board's decision and of the time and place of any subsequent hearing, if any.