23.4 Disclosure of Information in Alumni Records to the Public

(Amended 1/03)
  1. The Division of Alumni Services will permit public inspection of the Alumni Records contained on the Institutional Advancement Database which meets the definition of "public information." (See II-23.1c.)
  2. Copies of public information will be made available in the Division of Alumni Services office during normal office hours and upon request by mail, fax, or telephone. The requester may be required to pay a reasonable fee for copies.
  3. If a requester of public information desires it in a form that requires special coding and/or research, programming, or processing of Alumni Record files, the requester should submit a written request to the Division of Alumni Services with instructions. Compliance with the request will be determined by whether the request is consistent with applicable law after taking into consideration, when applicable, the capacity of the Division of Alumni Services to fulfill the request.
  4. An additional reasonable charge may be made by the Division of Alumni Services for services when examination of records involves extraordinary use of staffing time in supplying and supervising the examination of records, or for special coding and/or research, data processing, programming, and machine copying services associated with providing requested information from Alumni Records.
  5. Appeal from a decision of the Division of Alumni Services may be made to the Vice President for Student Life.