23.1 Definitions

  1. Alumnus, Alumna, Alumni, Alumnae. For purposes of this policy, these terms refer to any person who holds a degree or a certificate from the University. Persons who have attended but have not completed a degree at The University of Iowa are called Former Students. Other individuals interested in The University of Iowa are referred to as Friends.
  2. Alumni Records. The Alumni Records portion of the UI Foundation's Institutional Advancement Database includes any information concerning an alumnus/alumna that is maintained by the Division of Alumni Services. Alumni Records, however, do not include information from the education records of former students except information classified as "directory information" under the policy on treatment of student education records of alumni (see IV-6.1c). Information from Alumni Records retains its character as an alumni record when it is in the possession of a University academic or administrative office or a University-affiliated organization so long as it is maintained separate from the confidential education records of the person to whom the alumni record relates.
  3. Public Information. The following categories of "directory information" are considered public information: preferred title, name, current residence, telephone numbers, email addresses, degree(s) granted from The University of Iowa, major field(s) of study at the University, and college(s) from which the degree(s) was (were) granted. When individuals want their addresses (residential, business, and email) and/or telephone numbers to be kept confidential, their requests are coded and honored. Alumni, contributors, friends, and student ID numbers and/or social security numbers remain confidential. When individuals request to be dropped from all University mailings, specific collegiate or departmental mailings, or specific University-affiliated organization mailings, their requests are coded and honored.