20.6 Use of the Identity System on University Stationery

(Amended 11/10)

The following stationery items must be ordered through Printing and Document Services, which coordinates and groups orders, allowing the entire University community to benefit from the cost savings.

  1. University Letterhead. Letters are the primary way external audiences receive communications from the University, making the letterhead stationery the largest component of the graphic identity system.

    The standard letterhead stationery design incorporates the University wordmark and logo in the upper left corner. Two designs with a variety of options for presenting departmental and collegiate information are available. Although not generally recommended, a second logo may be printed on the letterhead. A second logo must not be more than 3/4-inch high and must be placed in the lower right corner of the letterhead. Only one logo in addition to the University logo is permitted on the letterhead.

    All letter text must fall within the margins established for the design. In this "live area," users can choose any typeface, style, or size and any letter format.
  2. Business Cards. Because they are primarily exchanged with people from outside the University, business cards are an important vehicle for communicating the University's image and are another significant part of the graphic identity system. UI business cards coordinate with the letterhead and incorporate the wordmark and logo. Business cards may include name, title, office, campus address, campus phone number, fax number, home phone number, email address, and web address. Business cards are designed to be printed on one side. Additional logos may be printed on the back side.
  3. Envelopes and Mailing Labels. In order to maintain University mailing permits and discount postage, University of Iowa envelopes must meet strict standards set by the U.S. Postal Service. For additional information, contact the Director of Central Mail Services, MBSB. Envelopes include the University wordmark, logo, and college/department name in the return address. Additional logos are not allowed on standard #9 or #10 envelopes or on standard mailing labels.
  4. Memos. Memos may include name, title, office, campus address, campus phone number, fax number, home phone number, email address, and web address. If memos are not sent to an external audience, but are used solely for on-campus communication, they may contain a second logo.
  5. Other Printed Items. Several products using the University identity system can be ordered through General Stores or Printing and Document Services. Purchasing and printing in large quantities allows all University units to share in the lowest cost. Products include folders, report covers, and preprinted brochures. A complete list and examples are available on the identity website (vpsc.uiowa.edu/brand/graphic-identity/index.html).