28.6 Annual Review of Administrators

  1. Applicability. This procedure is intended to guide the President in the review of the vice presidents, the Executive Vice President and Provost in the review of those collegiate administrators reporting to the Executive Vice President and Provost, and each dean in the review of those administrators of collegiate departments or programs who report to the dean.
  2. Agreement of Goals. Each year, each administrator being reviewed and each person evaluating an administrator ("the evaluator") will agree on a brief written statement of goals the administrator will pursue during the coming year. These goals should be linked both to the general categories within which the administrator is assessed on a multi-year basis (for example, "educational leadership"), and to particular priorities identified through multi-year reviews of the administrator's unit, through strategic planning, and through consultation with faculty members in the unit and with other constituencies, as appropriate.
  3. Annual Assessment Procedure. Each evaluator shall conduct an annual assessment of each administrator's progress in achieving goals established for the year. In assessing progress, each evaluator should obtain the views of each administrator as to the progress made on each goal. The evaluator should discuss with the administrator his or her progress and the evaluator's assessment of the administrator's achievements, and will provide a brief written summary of the results. The administrator has the right to offer a written response to the review.
  4. Public Input. Faculty, students, staff, and other administrators should be made aware of the annual review processes and should be advised how to contribute their views to appropriate evaluators. Systematic interviewing or surveying, characteristic of the multi-year reviews, need not be a part of an annual review, except as an evaluator may deem it necessary. An evaluator who receives comments relevant to an annual review should share the substance of such comments with the administrator and make some appropriate response. This response may entail further investigation of an administrator's performance.
  5. Variations in Timing. Any administrator responsible for 20 or more informal evaluations under this section may implement the steps contemplated in paragraphs (b) and (c) every 18 months, instead of annually. With regard to any particular administrator reviewed on an 18-month basis, the Executive Vice President and Provost, in consultation with the reviewing administrator, may determine that an annual review is appropriate.