35.4 Use of Athletic and Multi-Use Facilities

(President 4/73; amended 12/03)

All athletic and multi-use facilities (Duane Banks Field [baseball], Ashton Cross Country Course, Grant Field [field hockey], Pearl Field [softball], Kenyon Football Practice Facility, Kretzmeyer Track, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Finkbine Golf Course, Recreation Building, Indoor Practice Facility, Field House, and other outdoor and indoor practice facilities and playing fields) shall be scheduled as follows:

  1. Athletic events. All intercollegiate competitive events will be scheduled with the approval of the Director of Athletics and then submitted to the Presidential Committee on Athletics (PCA) for approval. Department of Athletics usage of multi-use facilities shall be scheduled by the Director of Athletics in consultation with the Director of Recreational Services .
  2. Recreation and academic events. All recreational and academic events will be scheduled with the approval of the Director of Recreational Services.
  3. Other activities and events not covered in paragraph a or b. Requests for the use of athletics or recreational facilities are to be submitted to either the Director of Athletics Facilities or the Director of Recreational Services, depending on the facility being requested. The request will then be reviewed according to University policies. Upon approval and if deemed necessary, a contract will be produced and sent to the Business Office for University consideration and approval.