35.5 Prohibitions in Use of Facilities

(Amended 9/92; 10/94; 9/98; 9/99; 2/00; 7/07; 10/07; 7/1/08; 12/09; 2/10; 8/10; 12/13; 8/24/15; 6/11/19)
  1. Tobacco-free campus policy. See II-38
  2. Food and beverages. Food and beverages shall be consumed in academic buildings only in areas designated by the responsible administrative (e.g., collegiate, departmental) unit.
  3. Obscene materials, as defined by Iowa CodePDF icon728, may be disseminated or exhibited in campus facilities only if
    1. appropriate steps are taken to prevent their dissemination or exhibition to minors located inside or outside the facility; or
    2. the materials are being used for such educational or artistic purposes as would be permitted under Iowa Code 728 and do not constitute child pornography under federal or state law.
  4. Animals in buildings. Animals are not permitted in any University building or structure, and if found are subject to impoundment. Exceptions from this general prohibition include service animals, experimental subjects, approved animals in University student housing, or certified therapy animals at UI Health Care or in other events or programs as approved by the appropriate vice president.
  5. Grilling. Anyone grilling food on campus must follow the guidelines outlined on the Public Safety web page (https://police.uiowa.edu/fire-safety/grilling-policy) or the Risk Management web page (https://uiowa.edu/riskmanagement/outdoor-gascharcoal-grilling-campus).

(See also IAC [681]12.6 and [681]12.7.)