28.2 Guest Speakers for Academic Exercises

(President 6/12/73)

In the case of academic exercises scheduled by University departments and colleges, the following guidelines are suggested to advise the President or designee in maintaining the orderly processes of the University, academic freedom, and other conditions essential to the learning process:

  1. If there is reason to believe that a scheduled speaker may be so controversial as to make special arrangements desirable, this fact should be communicated to the chairperson of the Faculty Senate. Such a communication may come from the department or college sponsoring the speaker; or from an administrative officer, faculty member, student, or other interested party.
  2. Once informed, the chairperson of the Senate will consult with the Committee on University Safety and Security, the sponsoring department or college, together with other appropriate administrative officials and report as soon as possible to the Faculty Council who will then consider whether special arrangements are required in order to safeguard the orderly processes of the University and the principles set forth in the first paragraph.
  3. If special arrangements are deemed necessary by the Faculty Council, the chairperson will report to the President or designee the conclusions and recommendations of the Faculty Council. The chairperson may also:
    1. communicate with the speaker and explain the situation;
    2. request the Committee on University Safety and Security to consider appropriate procedures for the speaker's appearance on campus, or request the sponsoring department or college to do so;
    3. request the sponsoring college or department to change the location of the program or to restrict attendance to professional specialists only;
    4. request the President or designee to implement V-28.1c.
    5. report in writing to the faculty or to the entire University community on the actions being taken, the reasons for such actions, and the rights of the speaker and other persons concerned. 


(BRPM 4.2)