44.3 Art on Campus Committee and Selection of Art

The Art on Campus Committee will receive assistance and support from Facilities Management and will work in close collaboration with the Campus Planning Committee, from which it may seek input and advice as appropriate, in fulfilling its charge. The committee is chaired by the Director of the Museum of Art.

  1. Membership. The Director of the Museum of Art and the Director of Facilities Management serve as permanent voting members of the committee. In addition, committee membership includes representatives from the School of Art and Art History, the Campus Planning Committee, the University of Iowa Center for Advancement, the Museum of Art, and four at-large members, appointed by the chair, drawn from academic departments campus-wide, and/or from the Iowa City area community.
  2. Terms. All appointments are for terms of two years. Members may serve up to three consecutive terms at the request of the chair.
  3. Charge. The Art on Campus Committee is responsible for maintaining high standards for all permanently installed art on the University of Iowa campus, with the exception of the University museums. In addition, the Art on Campus Committee provides expertise and guidance in the acquisition of public art across the University of Iowa campus under the Art in State Buildings Program. In spending one-half of one percent of applicable project costs, as mandated by state law, to acquire public art, the Art on Campus Committee seeks to purchase or facilitates the purchase or the commission of outstanding works of art for campus public and semi-public areas.

    In addition to selecting the art, the committee shall consider and identify maintenance and related costs that would be required for a given artwork. When the committee convenes to consider art for a given space or building, the respective dean or appropriate administrator is informed, and the committee is joined at the outset by a (voting) representative from a college, department, school, or division housed in a new or newly renovated facility for which funds have been set aside for the acquisition of art.

    In addition, the committee reviews proposals for the public display of art on a long-term or permanent basis on campus sites. The committee meets at least quarterly, and agendas and minutes include at minimum a list and schedule of ongoing business to be conducted, which is annotated to reflect action taken.
  4. Philosophy. Art selected for the University of Iowa campus is intended to edify and delight. Therefore, excellence of aesthetic idea, sensibility, and execution should be the hallmarks of selection of art by the Art on Campus Committee, with the consequence that selected works demonstrate persuasively and forcefully to the public that The University of Iowa is deeply concerned with universal and lasting human values.