26.2 General Conditions

(Amended 5/12)
  1. All service will be within the limits set forth in the alcoholic beverages license.
  2. All service will be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.
  3. All beverage service (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be supplied by UD. The dispensing and control of alcoholic beverages are the responsibility of UD.
  4. University Dining reserves the right to limit the total attendance in a room and the quantity of alcoholic beverage to be provided (based on the estimated number in attendance, the length of the event, and the general behavior of those attending).
  5. There should be no reference to alcohol in advertising for the activity.
  6. Events at which liquor (that is, distilled spirits other than beer and wine) is served are closed to the public. Only beer and/or wine may be served at events open to the public. Such events may be held in facilities designated. This policy (V-26.3b) is authorized by the Vice President for Student Life. Alcoholic beverages for public consumption are limited in a designated facility (see V-26.3b).
  7. Service is available daily (including Sundays). Liquor service and beer/wine service are not generally available before noon and will end one-half hour prior to the close of an event.
  8. Students and others must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcoholic beverages in accordance with state law and provisions in the Policies and Regulations Affecting Students and this policy.
  9. Appropriate monitoring to assure that alcoholic beverage consumers are of legal age will take place at all events where alcoholic beverages are served and is the responsibility of UD. University Dining reserves the right to provide usher(s) at a cost to the sponsoring organization whenever restricted access is required, admissions is charged, or the estimated attendance is 100 or over.
  10. It is illegal for any State of Iowa liquor licensee, which includes UD, to accept free alcoholic beverages from any outside source. A distributor may donate funds directly to sponsoring organizations only. These organizations are then responsible for full payment of any charges incurred. University Dining charges will include the cost of the requested item(s) plus additional fees to cover indirect costs of operation, such as: use of equipment, labor (set up and/or clean up service), cups, and administrative overhead.